Renewable energy

Design and installation of solar farms

Our company completely carries out photovoltaic farm construction. Services that we provide include a full range of real estate supply in photovoltaics, ranging from construction works to installation and monitoring investments.

We design the layout of power plant taking into account the terrain, sun exposure and individual customer needs. When planning the arrangement of panels, we use the latest technologies that allow us to use the potential of a given plot or area as effectively as possible. In our calculations of our installations energy efficiency, we first take into account sun exposure of the area.

Before construction begins, we prepare a valuation and calculate the efficiency of a given structure. The client has complete insight into the costs of the project and future savings and profits. We carry out work in a comprehensive manner. In preparation for the investment we clean the area and assemble structural elements that require to dig into the ground. The structure that we mount is protected against external factors which significantly increases its suitability for use. On the prepared construction we install the photovoltaic panels together with the electrical system, which consists of inverters, transformers and cabling.

After completing the construction, we perform tests and diagnostics. After that, we are sure that we put into use a fully functional and ready for use photovoltaic farm.

Assembly of the structure of panels

As part of cooperation with the client we provide the foundations for the construction of the farm. We are starting work from designing, through ordering and bringing materials to the construction site, ending with pouring them to the ground. The construction elements are made of the highest quality materials. In addition, we protect them from the effects of factors such as wind, high and low temperatures, snow and rain. The solar farm should remain as efficient as possible in order to generate profits. For this to happen it is necessary to keep proper maintenance during installation process. We ensure it by caring for our customers well being.

Installation of PV - Photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic panels are the most important part of the entire system. We mount them on a previously made construction based on a design that takes into account the work of the material, the position of the perimeter and sun exposure in such way that the final result was the most efficient. The connected electrical system is protected against voltage spikes, as well as, for the event where there is no current flow in it. This allows for higher longevity.

Installation of photovoltaic inverters

The photovoltaic panels, by themselves are not yet ready for use. To enjoy the green energy you need to equip the solar farm with an inverter. Inverter is a DC converter that turns electricity produced by solar panels into electricity that what we can use in the socket. We deal with its mounting, measurement and maintenance at the stage of installation. We provide the highest quality devices and we ensure durability and reliability of the installation.

Installation of a transformer station

Next to the panels and inverters, the main elements of the photovoltaic farm are transformer stations. Such station is responsible for transmitting electricity of the correct voltage and reducing electrical interference. Energy processed by the inverter must additionally alter the voltage due to the transformer station, and ultimately hit the power grid.

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