Organization of the construction site

In order to make photovoltaic power plant efficient, it is necessary to prepare the area on which it will be located in advance.

Our company prepares the area before construction works start. If it is required by perimeter, we also level it. All this is to make the best use of the available space. The entire investment area is secured to reduce the risk of theft or damage of expensive equipment. If needed by the project, in addition to leveling the area for the construction, we also build places, we make foundations with reinforcement and we lay the surface both from the ankle and asphalt. But the same construction work is not everything we do during the organization of the construction site.

Onsite specialists are also take care of the receiving material which is then stored in order to not get damaged before installation. In addition, as you know, there is a need to deal with waste on every construction site. Our offer includes the possibility of comprehensive handling of waste and material residues.

Construction site fencing

To ensure the safety of the equipment, during and after the construction, fencing of the construction site is required. Depending on the client's preferences, we can make a temporary or permanent fence which will remain after the order has been completed.

Material management

Delivery of materials and its proper storage layout can significantly accelerate assembly work. In addition to the safety of the material, we plan the places where it will be stored on the construction site, at the stage of preparations.

Roads and inner perimeters

Depending on the type of investment we can prepare for your entire additional infrastructure at the power plant. We have general construction and paving experience thanks to which the pavement, road or preparation of the perimeter is not a challenge.

Waste and material remains

During each construction, waste is generated. Unused materials, elements used during work and usual municipal waste. At the client's request, we can take care of this waste, order the right amount of containers and empty them when the needed.

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