Monitoring and measuring systems installations

Investment profitability is one of the main reasons to build photovoltaic power plant. In order to check exactly how much electricity is generated by the power plants, our company assembles measuring devices, so it is easy to check the amount of electricity generated.

The devices record the amount of electricity fed into the network and save it in the form of a readable report. These data can be analyzed anywhere in the world. Additionally, at the client’s request, we can install investment monitoring, as well as, a weather station.

Photovoltaic plant monitoring system

This system allows you to check the current efficiency of the entire power plant and inform us about possible failures or mechanical damage to the power plant components. After connecting the system to the network it is possible to monitor all parameters from any place connected to the Internet.


A power plant left unattended is an attractive place for thieves. At your request, we can install monitoring together with a video recorder and an alarm which will immediately inform you about any unwanted traffic by e-mail or SMS.

Weather station

Performance of photovoltaic power plant is dependent on sunlight. At your request, we are able to start a complete meteorological station that records all information in its database. Thanks to this, you can monitor performance depending on the weather.

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