Electric Services & Construction

Construction and electrical services at a photovoltaic plant

The safety of the entire investment is very important. Even the tiniest unplanned overvoltage can damage the valuable electronics of the power plant.

Repeatedly, we have secured areas of many photovoltaic power plant, so we know the business well. An additional very important aspect is the optimization of material costs. It is our matter to plan the entire cabling, grounding and infrastructure elements in order to maximize the profitability of the investment.

After clearing the terrain we are planning distribution of grounding, cable routes and excavating. It’s all based on previously made plan that takes into account the size of the area, minimal material consumption, as well as, customer convenience. We are preparing the ground for the transformer that is permanently embedded in the ground. We are making documents of the entire work and we make relevant measurements afterwards.

Ramming piles

The proper implementation of foundation elements is one of the most important activities during the construction of a photovoltaic power plant. It determines the lifetime of all components. Our company has extensive experience in ramming piles thanks to numerous projects made by our workers. The correct placement of structural elements is a prerequisite for trouble-free installation.

Construction works at the transformer station

One of the most important parts of the farm, next to the inverter and PV, is a transformer. The effectiveness of the entire structure depends on its correct assembly. When mounting the transformer, we make sure that it is properly grounded. We carry out visual inspections of the device itself, accompanying elements such as clamps, or coopers, and connectors.


All excavations for cables, earthing and transformer station are made by our company. We have our own fleet of excavators thanks to which we take away the necessity of searching for them by our clients.

Electrical measurements and diagnostics

After completing the assembly work and connecting the entire installation, we check the operation of each component. We also perform measurements of energy loss, efficiency and safety of the entire installation. As part of our cooperation with the client, we also provide services after construction is completed. We offer help in the diagnostics, maintenance and modernization of power plants.

Documentation and Reporting

One of the stages of the construction process is to preserve the continuity of work documentation and deliveries. This information is provided to the investor in accordance with the agreed schedule. This allows you to monitor the construction stages on an ongoing basis and react quickly in case of any non-standard situations.

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