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Photovoltaic power plants are becoming more and more popular. On the wave of popularity, our company has specialized in building modern and solid photovoltaic solutions.

Our company has helped many investors to design and build well prospering photovoltaic systems. We have learned how to perform complex installations from our own mistakes, starting from the design stage to installation and connection of the PV panels. From the start of our business, ISPIK SP. z o.o. has focused on development, that resulted in employing a reliable team of technicians from Poland and abroad. Our employees have many years of experience in the creation of photovoltaic systems.

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Renewable energy

Our company completely carries out photovoltaic farms. Services that we provide include of fully supplying the real estate, as well as, carrying out construction works, installation and investment monitoring.

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Organization of the construction site

Each power plant must be embedded in the previously prepared ground. Before starting the construction works, area will be properly prepared and secured.

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Electric Services & Construction

The safety of the entire investment is very important. As part of each investment, we embed cables in the ground and protect the devices by electrical discharges.

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Installation of monitoring and measuring systems

Monitoring devices record the amount of electricity fed into the power grid and save it in the form of a readable report.

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  • ECO Energy

    Bet on green energy! Photovoltaic power plants convert solar radiation into electrical energy, clean energy without generating any harmful side effects.

  • High longevity

    All mounted photovoltaic panels are of the highest quality and have a manufacturer warranty. However, this does not mean that after the warranty period the efficiency of the panels will decrease. Properly mounted panels have an good efficiency of up to 25 years.

  • Technical team devoted to the case

    We have a team of professionals who have been involved in the building of photovoltaic power plants for many years. Experience of our employees results in a short construction time and a guarantee of quality.

  • Individual approach to client

    Each power plant is different, just like our approach to the customer. We listen to the client's preferences and adjust the project directly to the requirements. While implementing the investment, we strive to make the customer was satisfied in every aspect.